Best Laid Schemes

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During the first couple of months in 2011, I came across a few campaign journals that were very entertaining reads. Of particular note was Philotomy’s The Lost City write-up. Although I disagree with Philotomy on which edition of Dungeons and Dragons works well in actual play, I connected with his approach to the game.

Erol Otus Art

Both of our imaginations seem inspired by Robert E. Howard’s tales, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and the art of Erol Otus. When it comes to the flavor of Dungeons and Dragons I feel we play with the same mindset.

Something else I appreciated about his campaign journal was that he did not gush over the fact that his kids were playing with him.

My wee baby tot just rolled her first natural 20!

Although, I believe it brings context to mention the player’s age, I will not suffer anyone to read banal anecdotes when it comes to the kids at our game table.

Ancient AcademyAnother actual play that I followed was the Expedition to the Ancient Academy Podcast. Unfortunately, the first half of the episodes are unavailable to share at this time. You will have to take my word that this was a rare case where listening to people play old school Dungeons and Dragons was interesting.

What Should You Expect with The Delvers’ Actual Play?

I do not want to glaze your eyes over with a wall of amateur fan fiction, but I do want to capture the story element. So, after some thought and taking inspiration from Knights of the Dinner Table, I realized the most interesting story, especially for the DM, is how the unpredictable players and their decisions shape the actual play and lead the DM himself into the realms of unknown madness.

Other goals I wanted for The Delvers actual play include:

  • A plan to offer up a new entry every Monday.
  • A focus on the more entertaining portions.
  • An aim for digestible entries, avoiding walls of text.

The Delvers is a character driven actual play AD&D 2e campaign journal.

Oh, and with gamer girls you can’t hit on, silly boys.

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