Déjà vu

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Len, The Human Cleric
  • Kay, age 9 - Selenor, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Baya, The Human Fighter
  • Sue, age 12 - Peter, The Half-Elf Cleric-Fighter-Magic User
This entry is part 7 of 7 in S1 - Tomb of Horrors

They made their way back into the Hall of Spheres, deciding to check out the shorter crawl space. Selenor easily found another hidden door at the end of this shorter passage. They each made their way into a small chamber.

DM: You’re each going to take 1d6 damage passing through the secret door, because the linked passage drops 10 feet.
Sue: Whatever. We still go in.

Before the party stood three chests secured to the floor, one of gold, the other silver and finally an oak bound chest with bronze bands.

Sue: Ha! This is just like the three chests in the Tomb of Alaxus. I use my sword to lift up the lid of the first one.
DM: It actually has a latch, so you have to manipulate it with your hands.
Kay: Selenor will do it! She checks the latch for traps first.

Finding no signs of danger from the latch, Selenor lifted the lid.

Kay quickly thumbed through the Player’s Handbook.

“Flamma Fligo!”

Almost the exact moment that Len finished his prayer, a divine column of fire descended from the ceiling, engulfing the now smoking dead snakes that had filled the gold plated chest.

Kay: Flame Strike is awesome! Mom should use this thing.
DM: She can’t. It’s a fifth level spell. Besides, she’d probably be too busy saving your ass.
Sue: Baya is going to open the silver chest.

Inside the chest was a crystal clear box, a silver ring visible inside.

Sue: She’ll take it. What happens?
DM: Eight darts fire upwards from inside the chest striking the Fighter . . .three of them hit for . . . 4 points of damage.
Sue: No saving throw again? Annoying.
Kay: Len opens the wooden one.

A giant animated skeleton materialized in the room striking Len twice before the party could even react.

Fuck This Place!

Sue: Let’s get out of here.

The party quickly scrambled through the crawl space as the menacing scimitar wielding undead creature gave chase.

DM: It says it’s ‘giant’ so you guys are safe on the other side, but you each take 1d6 damage again from the drop in the tunnel.

After a few other minor encounters, from reluctantly checking the box on the wall at the front entrance to wondering aloud how long the gas would remain in the chapel, the four tomb raiders made their way back outside to the abandoned camps.

Sue: Peter is leaving. He’s got this electrum and Baya is leaving as well. She can sell the crystal box, but she’ll keep the ring to identify later. She does NOT put it on.
Kay: I want to wait until the gas is no longer in the chapel.
Sue: Whatever. I’m outa here.

The halfling Thief and human Cleric waved goodbye to the one-handed, half-naked, half-elf Peter and Baya the Fighter, who joined him on his trek back north.

Selenor and Len, made camp outside the tomb in the Vast Swamp. Still not ready to give up, the remaining two discussed their plans over a small fire.


As night fell, dark shadowy demons moved silently about the tomb, resetting the traps and repairing the damage done by the recent explorers. They worked throughout the night, under the command of the balor, Tarnhem, the demon father of Acererak.

Come morning the Tomb of Horrors would be ready once again to take on any who would answer the challenge.

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