How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Shadow, The Halfling Thief
  • Kay, age 9 - Doltoran, The Dwarf Fighter
  • Sue, age 12 - Taokith, The Human Fighter
  • Sue, age 12 - Delurith, The Elf Cleric
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The rats overtook the dwarf, swarming over him. Shadow lept on the back of one of the giant rodents that were gnawing and biting at the dwarf as he fell to the ground.

Taokith swung his two-handed sword in wide arcs to keep the giant rats back as Delurith pulled the dwarf back towards the entrance, thrusting out her torch to keep the creatures at bay.

Once they all crossed the pit trap, the halfling triggered the floor to drop. A few of the giant rats fell into the hole as they failed to leap across; the rest stood hissing at the edge. The three party members focused on carrying their fallen companion outside.

Sue: I already used a cure light wounds in that battle, but we can make it back to the Keep, right?
DM: I’m afraid not.
Sue: How far is it?
DM: Here’s the map from the module. Each of these squares is 100 yards.
Sue: Damn.
DM: Since when does an elf care about a dwarf’s death?
Sue: He died ahead of me on kill counts.

Record of Lodoss War Leylia Mourning Ghim

The cleric Delurtih muttered a prayer, after the three of them had buried the dwarf under a rock cairn.

Kay: Cairn?
DM: You said you wanted to pile rocks over his body. A cairn is a pile of rocks usually used as a marker, but in this case there’s a body.
Kay: I put his axe at the base of the cairn and his helmet on top.

They traveled once again back to the Keep, the three of them toasting small beers to the fallen dwarf Doltoran.

Tavern Meet

In the tavern was a female human Fighter by the name of Torana.

Played by Kay. Torana was equipped with a two-handed sword, three daggers, wore scale mail and possessed a convenient potion of healing. This character was pulled from the Fast-Play book to avoid rolling up another character for her, but dropped to level 1, instead of remaining 2.

Torana: I have come seeking the Caves of Chaos too.
Kay: Okay, my character doesn’t actually say this part, but can we go in cave H once we get there? That’s where the dwarf wanted to go. We should honor him.
Sue: Yeah, let’s go there instead.

After resting at the Keep and back at the caves . . .

Delurith: I don’t see why we have to go where the dwarf wanted, but I don’t want to see any more rats either.

The party made their way up the right side of the ravine towards . . .

Kay: You keep saying ravine. Do you mean rav-vine?
DM: No. I mean ravine. Is that how you pronounce “ravine” when you’re reading?
Kay (smiling in jest): It’s rav-vine.
DM: Ravine. That comes from you reading new words and not hearing them spoken aloud. I still catch myself saying invent-tory and it has been 25+ years.

Once atop the ravine they checked their inventory for torches and headed into . . .

Cave H.

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