Know Your Enemy

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 11 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
This entry is part 7 of 8 in TD2α – The Ruined Tower

Galem wore a chain mail shirt and carried a heavy axe. He looked up at the two approaching.

Galem: Whoa! You never said anything about an elf coming along.
Alina: I’m half-elf.
Galem: Just keep that half away from me.
Starlight: Come on. We need to get going.

The three of them headed north-west into the Reiuwood forest, Starlight leading the way. They made camp at the same young oak tree. Alina climbing to a bough to sleep, Galem planting himself against the base of the oak, while Starlight joined him, offering to share her dinner.

Galem: Rat meat? No, thanks.
Alina: That stuff is going to end up rotting in your pack.

After night fall and just near morning . . .


Sue: Really?
DM: You failed your roll.

Galem awoke grumbling, the half-elf splayed on top of him. Having fallen out of the tree, she picked herself up, making apologies and only receiving a grunt in return.

Remove the Head or Destroy the Brain

Later and finally back at the tower, they made their way to the library door.

Alina: We should fight these things in the doorway. You and Galem on the sides and I’ll stand in the middle. Ready?
Galem (grunts)
Kay (nods)

Alina kicked open the door; the zombies shuffled forward towards the noise.

Up until now, they understood THAC0 and the abstract nature of combat in 2e. The zombies changed that. Filled with the lore of movies and books, rather than interpret the dice rolls after the fact, they suddenly wanted to make “called shots” to the head. I explained to them that a killing blow could, of course, be translated into crushing the skull, stabbing the brain or any number of ideas they could come up with. They readjusted their thinking and in the end the zombies fell, one gouged in a hallow eye with a thrown dagger, while they completely dismembered the second one.

Galem: I thought you said there was a ghoul.


Heroquest JewelsThey searched the water damaged library and found no sign of the ghoul or Starlight’s father. They did find the ghoul’s escape route, but the ghoul was long gone. With him, he had taken the spoils:

  • 12 black pearls (100 gp each)
  • A scroll (knock spell)
  • A healing potion
  • A dagger +1
  • A sack made of blue cloth (bag of holding)

I had not actually looked at the loot until now, which I definitely would have altered, because, for me, that was insane loot for level 2. It did not matter, because aside from the triangular daggers, they got nothing.

They did remember to gather books for the Patriarch, collecting the few that had somehow survived in the damp ruin. They headed back to town with Galem, the dwarf upset that they never fought the ghoul.

When they finally arrived back in Eastbrook, they headed to the Temple and handed over the books to the Patriarch. He gave them 200 gold for the find. The module states 400 gold and although 200 gold might seem like a lot, it was going to end up 55 gold each, since the girls would end up pooling their coin together for Starlight to buy a pony, so the halfling could travel at a faster pace.

You All End Up in a Tavern

Their first adventure ended in the Winter Wolf tavern. Galem, unable to turn down the opportunity to drink, joined them.

Sue: I have no idea what to order.
Kay: Are we even allowed to have alcohol?
Galem: Ha! I think Olassi only cares if you have the coin.

The loud, freckled barmaid approached the table.

Olassi: What’ll it be?
Galem: Three pale ales. I’m buying.

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