Paradox Potential

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Len, The Human Cleric
  • Kay, age 9 - Selenor, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Baya, The Human Fighter
  • Sue, age 12 - Peter, The Half-Elf Cleric-Fighter-Magic User
This entry is part 3 of 7 in S1 - Tomb of Horrors

Three excavated entrances punctured the 60 foot high mound topped with ugly weeds, thorns and briars. From the center tunnel emerged two dwarves, the red-bearded dwarf supporting the other. The braided brown-bearded dwarf carried a heavy look of anguish.

Kay: Galem!
DM: Yes, but your characters don’t recognize him, okay?
Sue: I ask him what happened.
Rhen: Stay away if you value your life.

Aside from the warning, the dwarves did not say much more. They pressed on passed the four, Rhen leading the mourning Galem into the Vast Swamp.

I was actually worried that they would somehow convince Galem and Rhen to accompany them inside the Tomb. Earlier that week they had asked me how I was going to keep the two dwarves alive, since they would be playing a 30 year “flashback” of sorts. I figured the best method would be to have them brush against the past with the dwarves just leaving the Tomb of Horrors. I just hoped one of them did not suddenly turn into Bob, blurting out, “I waste them with my crossbow!

Whether they considered that or not or were just playing along I couldn’t actually tell.

DM: You guys can grab any last-minute standard items from the various small camps scattered about. When you’re ready, just let me know which entrance you want to try first.
Sue: Obviously we are going to go in the one the dwarves came out of.

Well, shit. In my concern about the possible death of two NPCs 30 years before they actually met the players in The Delvers’ campaign, I gave away the correct entrance.

Picture This

DM: This module is a little different. It provides illustrations for certain areas. As usual, you can have any of the details I provide clarified, but there should also be a focus on the drawings as well. So here is what the tunnel before you looks like.

The hallway was made of various bright, brilliant colored stone undimmed by the passage of time. The floor of the corridor contained a distinct winding red path of tiles about 2 feet wide.

Having already established a marching order, Sue had Peter go first.

Sue: Peter is going to follow the red path.

I guess this made up for me flubbing the other entrances. Although, in fairness not taking the path without checking the floor for traps would have produced the same result. I had Sue roll the six sider for how many spikes pierced Peter with lethal poison that were in the pit he just fell in.

DM: None have wounded your character, but Peter is now at the bottom of this 10 foot pit.
Kay: I can’t believe we forgot rope again!
Sue: I use my Boots of Levitation to get out. Can I just fly down the hall with these?
DM: Heh, no. They just lift Peter up or down 20 feet per round.

Purposely ignoring the box and painting of the iron door on the right wall, the cleric cast Detect Snares & Pits to locate the rest of the traps in the tunnel. Avoiding the other pits, they went further into the tomb. The group now stood at the end, a swirling mist filled arched doorway to their left. In front of them a menacing face of a Great Green Devil stared back, his dead black mouth echoing a silent scream.

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