Rune Soldiers

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As much as I wanted to dust off all of my Al-Qadim box sets and delve into the world of Zakhara once again, I felt throwing them into the Land of Fate for their first run would be premature.

Dragons of Triumph Clyde Caldwell

Looking through my RPG paraphernalia, I found two Fast-Play Game books that I picked up at one point, Wrath of the Minotaur and Eye of the Wyvern. I thought starting off with one of these would be a good idea.

The modules themselves are generic fantasy Dungeons & Dragons. These would give them the best grasp for what this game was all about. I was invested in the idea of becoming their Dungeon Master, but wasn’t about to force them into being my players.

DM: Alright, which of these characters do you want to start with?

There are pregenerated characters provided in the modules, but, to my surprise, they were more interested in rolling up their own.

Record of Lodoss War

They both easily grasped the concept of party roles, based on their exposure to Record of Lodoss War and Rune Soldier. Although I still found myself giving an overview of all the races and classes, what the stats represented, an explanation on alignments, what certain spells accomplished, what the hell a flail was and other things from the common rpg lexicon.

That was okay, because they were showing interest in knowing all of this and it wasn’t me cramming it down their throat.

Starlight, The Halfling Thief

Kay decided on a halfling thief. It’s possible that she was influenced by watching me play the PC game Thief and that she identified more with a halfling’s size, but it’s also possible I’m just reading too much into her decision.

Her small rogue had six daggers crisscrossed over her chest, a short bow and a quiver full of arrows. She decided that her golden eyed character would often be dressed in sea green and would be named Starlight.

She also wanted blue hair. I told her that this would be okay, but it would have to be dyed with something specific from the forest on occasion.

Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter

Sue chose a half-elf fighter. I thought this was odd, since she dropped out of our Icewind Dale LAN game, because, “There’s too much fighting.”

A passive fighter?, I thought, but then I glanced over her character sheet and she was bristling with armor and weapons. Alina carried a sword, a flail, a ranseur and a dagger. Her thin, dark-haired half-elf was also skilled in wielding two-handed swords, if necessary.

Now they just needed their own Blazing Departure.

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