Semantic Railroads

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Before yesterday, our game’s story and plot came up with Tess and the girls. I disagreed on the subject of plot. To me, there was no plot in our game. The story only emerged once the session ended. Tess insisted otherwise.

Tess: You know what’s going to happen next.

While railroading was not explicitly brought up in our conversation, that was the driving force behind my insistence that there was no plot. I do not write-up, plot point by plot point, how everything is going to unfold. I have no idea what kind of shenanigans these women are going to pull on me.

Sometimes I flat-out ask them, What are your plans in Sunday’s game? So I can better prepare.

Even with preparation, not even the players know what Kay is going to pull next.

However, Tess is right. Since choices have consequences, being the Dungeon Master, I know what happens if they do this or if they do that and I do my best to anticipate the other.

Depending on the situation, sometimes their course of action is predictable and other times, What the hell just happened?

And I am not just talking about Kay as you will eventually see.

After a session, Tess and I often discuss how things concluded versus how we both thought they would end, comparing notes. Sometimes I think, There is no way they are going to survive this! and they quickly prove me wrong. Other times I think, This will be a walk in the park, should I skip this part? And they end up getting fucked.

Tess: Why the hell would you think that was going to be easy?

Taking A Tour

Back on the subject of railroading, yesterday, I came across Dice Monkey’s post and how his group very much enjoys the “plot train.” There obviously is no need for a change in play-style, if railroading is what your group enjoys.

This lead me to The Artifact. I have posted on this site before, but I thought we had a great conversation about railroading. In “A Tour By Rail” we get into the topic of semantics and what it really means to railroad a player.

The site is mainly focused around the science fiction game “The Artifact RPG,” but Loc provides plenty of interesting topics about RPGs in general under the category of GM Advice.

I appreciated his discussion and thought I would share it with those of you that might be visiting The Delvers.

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