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One of the tasks I gave each of them, before actual play, was to come up with a background for their character. I emphasized that I did not need a long story, but to just focus more on why they are who they are, why they were traveling together, if at all, and other such things.

DM: Why do you dye your hair blue and what kind of halfling parents give their child an elven name?
Which one of your parents is elven, is the human one still alive and why do you carry so many weapons?

The SunndiI told them that this would be taking place in the world of Greyhawk, gave them an unmarked map of the Sunndi I printed out from the archives, pointed out where the adventure would take place and gave a brief description of the surrounding areas to help with their background assignment.

Prompted by some of the questions I gave them and with a bit of knowledge of the lands around them, they set to work on writing up their backgrounds while I skimmed over the The Ruined Tower.

Starlight’s Origin

Kay decided her character was from Naerie, located on the west coast. Starlight loves the ocean, hence the color of her hair and her garbs to match.

Her mother’s name is Sunshine and her father’s, Moonlight, which is why her parents named her such.

DM: Ugh. Seriously?

Surprising to me, Kay decided that the reason they were traveling to Eastbrook was because her father had gone missing and she was in search of his whereabouts. She was handing me material to work with, without even being prompted.

Alina’s Origin

Sue suggested that both of their characters grew up together and that their parents were friends, which would be easy to play out, being that they are both sisters in real life.

Alina’s father was an elf, her mother human, both still alive in Rieuwood where she grew up. The three of them were outcasts of sorts, because of the interspecies relationship of her parents. Aside from Starlight, she didn’t have many friends.

Her father taught her how to fight and had shared his knowledge of combat with her, knowing she would have to defend herself from those who looked down upon half breeds.

Against the blood red moon a tower stands;
An everlasting silence haunts the place.
It was not reared by any human hands,
The silent symbol of a shadowy race.

Both characters complete, the Fighter and Thief headed out into the unfamiliar world of Greyhawk.

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