Well, isn’t that Special?

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Len, The Human Cleric
  • Kay, age 9 - Selenor, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Baya, The Human Fighter
  • Sue, age 12 - Peter, The Half-Elf Cleric-Fighter-Magic User
This entry is part 6 of 7 in S1 - Tomb of Horrors

The party made their way into what seemed to be some sort of defaced temple. Horrible imagery was painted across the walls, yet there were also various good aligned symbols of gods they knew, Pelor, Ehlonna, and Moradin, amongst a few others.

A red mosaic path, akin to the one that was at the entrance, lead passed two rows of large wooden pews and continued on towards an altar with an unremarkable wooden chair at the top. The chair was centered by two large brass candelabras placed on either side.

The lit white candles flickered as they entered, casting moving shadows about; the still air adjusted to the four bodies entering into this odd misplaced chapel.

In one of the walls a stone arch was filled with swirling mist.

Sue: Another misty arch?
DM: Yep. This arch is a bit different. The mist swirling in this one is glowing orange. There’s also skeletal remains of a human pointing a bony finger towards the entryway.
Sue: Yeah, no thanks.
Kay: What’s a pew?
DM: They’re related to the gazebo.
Kay: Huh?
DM: Nevermind. They are like benches that are usually found in churches.
Kay: I want my thief to search the chapel. Maybe there are church books or something with clues. I am not searching the altar! Just underneath the benches and between the isles.

The halfling Selenor noticed hinges on the back pew. Looking at each one, they all had hinged seats. She checked for traps, looking for any sign of poison needles, triggers or wire that might activate a countdown to her untimely death.


She lifted the seat of the back bench. Thousands of silver coins glittered back at her in the low light of the chapel. She quickly began stuffing her pockets.

Kay: Oh! I check the next one.

Lifting the second seat, her eyes fell upon thousands of electrum pieces. She quickly began emptying her pockets of silver to make room for this new-found treasure trove.

Sue: Wow! Worth more than silver? Peter uses his remaining hand to scoop up some electrum as well. At least he can retire comfortably.
DM: If he makes it out.
Kay: I’m going to the very front one.

Greed was in thief Selenor’s eyes as she pulled open the front pew to reveal nothing. Then they all heard a hissing sound as the chapel began to fill up with gas that was triggered by lifting the front seat.

Sue: You mean triggered by greed.
DM: You guys have two rounds to get out.
Sue: Peter and Baya exit through the tunnel we entered from.
Kay: Hm. Selenor leaves through the tunnel too, but you said we have two rounds?
DM: Yeah. For the first round the front half the chamber will fill up with gas and it will be full by the second round.
Kay: Len is going to grab a bunch of electrum and then leave. The pew is near the back where he was already standing, so he should be okay.

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