Ah, Purple Lightning. That’s Always a Good Sign.

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Krisella, Level 1 Halfling Thief
    • Finn, Human Torch-bearer
    • Hengest, Human Cleric
    • Hurgar, Human Torch-bearer
  • Sue, age 13 - Sealamin Axeager, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
    • Killo, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Bargle, The Human Man-at-Arms
  • Tess, age 44 - Baz Moonblade, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter
    • Hamish, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Drovay, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Warrick, Human Torch-bearer
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TDS Thief Trailer

Rain poured down on the rooftops of the port town Naerie. The sound was minimized inside The Misty Mug, since the laughter and drunken boasts were louder than the thunder outside.

Coincidentally, this was one of those odd March days in Los Angeles when it was actually raining.

The two dwarves, Baz and Sea Axe, sat at their regular table with their hired men. Absent was Hurgar, who left once he realized the two dwarf pirates weren’t going to pay the coin owed to him by the dead halfling Krisella.

In total, eleven had entered the Barrowmaze; four now sat at the table. They needed more men. Thankfully the tavern was full of men seeking shelter from the downpour.

They hired the human torch-bearers Baltag and Henx and the human fighters Solaf and Hawk.

On the House Rules and Tavern Metagames

In The Delvers’ campaign, you have to drink wine or ale at least once a day if you play a dwarf. You do not have to get drunk, but you will get penalties for not having any alcohol. Adversely, you do not get penalties for being drunk if you are a dwarf.

Originally, if there was a rumor table, you would get one rumor per drink per day and two as a dwarf. We have changed that to all races receive one rumor per drink per day. If you get the same rumor, tough. Rumors only spread if they keep being repeated, right?

In no particular order, here are the often heard rumors in The Misty Mug.

  • Piles of magical items can be found in the southern crypts.
  • The mutated people of the Barrowmaze guard wonderful treasures.
  • Altars are very dangerous.
  • All sorts of creatures make their home in the muck and mire of the Barrowmoor.
  • The spirits of the dead will not harm you if you leave an offering at each barrow

TDS Thief Trailer

Thunder shook the wooden shingles of the rooftops as the tavern door burst open. A drenched man with wet matted hair and a toothy grin entered. Baz and Sea Axe watched a tavern wench slip him some bread and then usher him back outside.

Baz: Should we follow him?
Sea Axe: I don’t know, Captain.

Sue had taken to calling Tess Captain of late.

Tess: The DM wouldn’t just have some random guy come in here like that.
Sue: I guess, but it’s pouring out.
I’ll follow him.

The biggest metagamer at the table is Tess. All three girls are good at justifying creatively why their metagame actions make sense . . .

The smell of ocean salt on the air was barely masked by the wind and rain. Baz was already getting soaked as he watched the man walk down the muddy streets towards the docks.

Baz: Bah! It’s not worth getting all wet.
Tess: I’m going back inside.

. . . but sometimes they cannot think of a reason to continue their metagame, or sometimes they do not care. It is hard to tell the difference.

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