Dungeon Treasure & Hidden Treasure

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In my excitement I did not take into account that you may already own both of the original prizes. There are now additional Dungeon Treasures to be won on top of the original prizes.

  • First place is still a PDF of Barrowmaze or Portal 2.
  • First place will now also receive a $20 Gift Certificate to RPGNow.
  • If First place already owns Barrowmaze/Portal 2 they may choose to receive a grand total of $25 in the form of an RPGNow Gift Certificate.
  • The next six winners can choose between a PDF of Barrowmaze or $5 Gift Certificate to RPGNow.

CleopatraGolden WingMedicine of MaprosMagic LampMighty CoinOrizuruSphinx

Hidden Treasures

And, aside from the new prizes, there are now “hidden treasures.” A group of dwarves seek the locations of these Hidden Treasures. The dwarves are stingy when it comes to “their gold,” but will pay good coin for help in finding them.

Pale Enchanted Coin?

The “good coin” is an additional gift certificates for RPGNow*

  • You can solve the Mystery at the Delvers without finding any Hidden Treasures.
  • Only those that solve the Mystery at The Delvers can hunt for the Hidden Treasures.
  • The Dwarves will give coin to the first finder of each Hidden Treasure, only.

The dwarves return to their Fortress on October 1, 2012 and cannot payout coinage for treasures found after their departure.

Check out The Keepers of Solomon’s Key to see who has claimed what.

Researching in the Library

You are given access to The Forbidden Library to begin researching the Hidden Treasures. If there are more rumors about Hidden Treasures, the Forbidden Library will surely have some new information on the subject.

I know they’re trying to manipulate me, but keepers never alter the truth… just keep it in the shadows.
- Garrett

Keeper Door Glyph

  • * As mentioned previously, I would need your email address and possible details, but I would only use them to get the prize to you. You would also have to sign up with RPGNow or Steam to receive the prize(s).
  • ** Viewing this site in WPtouch will hinder you on this quest.
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