From Weird WotC to the creator of Giant Space Hamsters

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The Ruined Tower was offered as a free book. Wrath of the Minotaur and Eye of the Wyvern has The Ruined Tower in the front of each module and then leads into the titled adventure.

Both were produced in 1999 and are a WotC product (but used the TSR Silver Anniversary logo). I find this tidbit amusing, because who else, but WotC, would release an introductory product to a game they were about to discontinue?

WotC purchased TSR in 1997. They did not suddenly develop 3E between the time of these Fast-Plays and the release of 3E. 3E was already completed or almost there.

Source: Wikipedia (It must be true)
  • Following three years of development, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition was released in 2000.

WotC did this on a larger scale with D&D Essentials. It’s like the WotC call sign for a new edition incoming.

WotC’s marketing is weird (and sometimes insulting), but there are a lot weird things in the gaming industry.

Doppelgänger Dilemma

Mirror Image Twilight Zone

The writer of these modules, Jeff Grubb, helped create and develop my favorite D&D setting Al-Qadim. I bought the two Fast-Play modules, because they had his name on them.

With a small amount of tweaking, our actual play of Wrath of the Minotaur was a lot of fun. So here is a dilemma. Eye of the Wyvern, also written by Jeff Grubb, is a pile of shit.

Cut that part out, change this, remove that, were among the phrases in my head as I gutted the thing mentally. By the time I finished, I might as well have just written my own.

A well written module minimizes my prep work or eliminates it entirely. Eye of the Wyvern should be burned.

Jeff wrote both of these? Maybe he is the Steve Jackson to Steve Jackson and I’m confusing his work with someone else’s?

His wiki page places no credit to his Al-Qadim contributions or his work on Wrath of the Minotaur, yet give him credit for Eye of the Wyvern.

Maybe there is a second Jeff Grubb out there. Who’s work do I like? And more importantly, which one is responsible for Giant Space Hamsters?

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