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The Delvers recently ended their first campaign. There are plans to go back and revisit their remaining characters at a later date, but for now they have retired.

I had no idea the campaign would last over a year. It was a whim, a one-shot. Things just fell into place, however, and I would consider the girls veterans at this point.

If I had one regret it would be that I didn’t start this campaign journal sooner. I feel like I am playing catch up as I write about events that took place at the beginning of 2011.

What’s Your Point?

X-Plorers Boxed SetWe may be done with the first campaign, but after a short break we’ve already started another one.

I thought about running a short campaign using the X-Plorers boxed set I nabbed, before jumping into Al-Qadim.

And there is always the Mouse Guard RPG that sits there collecting dust, but I don’t feel comfortable with the rules and I don’t trust myself to run a smooth game for the same reason.

I still own all of my boxed sets and books TSR produced for Al-Qadim, and here in fact is a setting that I do not have to create from scratch, yet I chose not to go this route.

Why not Al-Qadim?

I was heavily distracted by a recent purchase and was eager to put it to good use. So while I still plan to run an Al-Qadim campaign with the girls some day, we started our second campaign in the familiar world of Greyhawk – A Greyhawk that we’ve made our own.

Perhaps their enthusiasm for playing RPGs will die as they get older and I won’t get a chance to play Al-Qadim with them. But I can’t start second guessing myself.  I’m excited about my new purchase and my heart is set on continuing what we started last Sunday.

The girls were impatient to play again and rolled up new characters the day before the game. Sue even helped me come up with some of the details for the campaign. While her contribution was centered around known player knowledge, it was pretty cool collaborating with her like that.

I may be expecting too much from myself, but I plan to release two posts on Monday from now on. One that continues the original delves and the other that follows their current adventures as the girls explore the Barrowmaze.

Barrowmaze Cover

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