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Spear in hand, Alina sat with her back against a single broad-leaf tree under a banner of stars. Her half-elven eyes gazed at the crackling fire as the others slept beside it.

DM (@ Sue): Starlight nudges your shoulder.
Kay: I do not.
DM: She nudges you again.
Kay: You can’t control my character! I’m asleep!
DM: Shush, you’re asleep.
Kay: You’re not making any sense.

Alina jumped to her feet.

A small dragon-like head reared back on a long neck behind her. Its leathery wings spread out and its tail whipped back and forth in the night air. It drew close on hind clawed feet.

Sue: How big is it?
DM: 4 1/2 feet at the shoulder, but it could stand 6 feet with that neck.

It had no front claws, but its sharp fangs would rend flesh. It opened its jaws in a silent hiss as saliva dripped from its maw. It lunged towards Alina who brought up her spear.

Wyvern Woodcut


Tess: I’ll come up from behind it and . . .
DM: You’re asleep.
Kay: Wake us up.
DM: Ssshhh. It’s bed time.

Tess sat back in her chair and Kay folded her arms. They both glared at Sue.

Sue: I got this. I got a new Armor Class, remember?
DM: Just so you know, it gets two attacks per round. One for its bite and one for its tail.

Alina felt as if she was practicing with her father, easily dodging the snapping jaws and blocking the sting of the wyvernling’s tail. Even so, she was unable to find a tender spot in its scales; the end of her spear often met resistance on its tough hide.

DM: It beats its leathery wings and the rush of night air brightens the nearby camp fire, pushing back the darkness for a moment.
Sue: Great. Is the fire going to spread?
DM: When you look over the fire appears to still be contained. The pit you dug and the stones you placed around it are keeping the flames from jumping out, so your companions and the two other wyvernlings are probably safe for now.
Sue: What!?

A second wyvernling tugged at the halfling’s bedding. Starlight pulled her blanket closer, rolling over in slumber. The third wyvernling sniffed at left-overs on a spit.

Kay: Come on!
Tess: Wake us up already.
DM: You guys talk a lot in your sleep.
Sue: Okay, I’ll shout and wake you guys up.

Circe open her eyes to see Starlight scramble backwards from a winged creature. She reached for her mace and ran towards the halfling as the end of the wyvernling’s tail whipped around and stung Starlight.

DM: Save versus poison.

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