House Rules, You’re Doing It Wrong!

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In Best Laid Schemes, I made the remark that I disagreed with the version of D&D that Philotomy’s uses for Actual Play. It was not a statement of You’re doing it wrong! to Jason Cone. Said another way, although he prefers OD&D from 1974 (with house rules) and  I prefer AD&D 2E from 1989 (with house rules), I felt synchronicity in our style.

If Philotomy’s OD&D Musings tells us anything, it’s that D&D is a house ruled game. You make it your own.

When it comes to D&D, Jason Cone and The Delvers are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum of this house ruled game. Would there be discourse if I sat down with Jason and talked D&D with him?

I’ll try and answer that with a familiar analogy.

I hate apples. I hate things made of apples. Juice, sauce, whatever. Get apples away from me. Oranges on the other hand are great. Tess likes oranges too.

I’ll peel my orange and eat the pieces two at a time. I don’t care if it’s sliced. I’ll eat it that way too.

Tess, however, does this weird thing where she peels the skin off the orange perfectly, removes each carpel, removes the skin of the carpel and eats the little pieces of pulp one by one. What the hell?

I’m not comparing apples and oranges here, because we are both eating the same fruit. She just does it differently than me. She’s fucking weird about it, but whatever.

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