How to Enter a Tomb

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 11 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
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Rune Soldier

The Fighter, Thief and Cleric approached the cave. It ran about twenty feet back into the canyon wall. It had been occupied, off and on, by goats and other herd beasts for years and looked and smelled of it. Clumps of dried grass had been pressed into the muddy floor, and the air reeked of wet goat fur. The walls were smooth and natural in formation.

Kay: There’s nothing here?

Rune Soldier

DM: Not that you or Alina can see.

1d6 was tossed behind the screen for the elf’s ability to passively detect hidden or concealed doors.

DM (@ Circe): You, however, feel that the northern part of the cave seems . . . wrong.
Circe: Something seems odd about that section.
Kay: I search for a secret door in that area.

Brushing the grime and caked mud off, Starlight eventually uncovered the outline of a stone door.

DM: Well, mostly uncovered. You can’t actually trace the top portion, since you’re so short.
Tess: We’ll help her.

Rune Soldier

The Cleric and Fighter stepped forward to assist in the halfling’s endeavor. Revealed was the head of a bull across the front of the doorway. The door was carved from the same stone as the cavern, but the eyes of the bull were a bluer granite.

Kay: No traps? I open it.
DM: How? There isn’t a handle or pull ring.
Sue: I could force it open.
Kay: Maybe.
Tess: I thought you guys had played this game before. I push in the eyes of the bull.

The stone door lurched back and began sliding to the left revealing a ten foot wide corridor about thirty feet long and ending in a wooden door.

Kay:. . .

The walls were wet from seeping water; erractic drops of water dripped from the ceiling and the flagstones of the floor were canted and uneven from the settling.

Sue: How did you . . .
Let’s go.

Daggers drawn, Starlight entered. Alina followed, spear ready. Circe brought up the rear, carrying a torch.

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