Marooned by a Dwarf Pirate

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A group of three salty dogs sat in The Misty Mug. A female halfling and two male dwarves sipped their cups as they contemplated their current situation.

All were starting at first level with their choice of basic equipment.

  • Krisella was a halfling Thief. She wore leather and a set of six daggers with a bow and quiver of arrows.
  • Sealamin Axeager was a dwarf Fighter. He wore hide armor with a warhammer and short sword at his belt.

Sue: It’s “Sea” for short.
DM: “Axe” would be better.

  • Baz Moonblade was dwarf Fighter. He too wore hide armor. He had nine daggers in his belt and carried a set of darts. He also had a broadsword for close combat.

DM: Moonblade?
Tess: Shut up and DM.

Bax was to be played by Tess. Sea was to be played by Sue. Krisella was obviously going to be Kay (This seems to be her go-to class).

Throughout their night of drinking they had heard the tales of the Barrowmaze.

Sue: Hey, mom. I was thinking that since we’re both dwarves, maybe we could be brothers?
Tess: Let’s see if our characters survive 1st level before we worry about our backgrounds.
DM: I already have an idea to make this work. I’ve done this tavern thing before.

They were put ashore by the dwarf Sturm Pyre, their former captain. This infamous one-legged pirate had no room in his crew for these three scallywags. Sturm mustered up replacements in the tavern and set sail. Thus the trio’s hazy night of drinking.

In the morning the three sea dogs hired some men. They wanted to see about this “burried treasure” rumored to be up north.

Courtesy of Meatshields:

  • Finn – human Torch-bearer
  • Hurgar – human Torch-bearer
  • Killo – human Man-at-Arms
  • Hamish – human Man-at-Arms

Hamish was hired by Tess. Killo was hired by Sue. Finn and Hurgar were hired by Kay.

After establishing daily payment and purchasing supplies, they set ou-

Sue: Crap! I need to go back to Gotrek’s. I forgot to buy a ten foot pole.

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