Never Laugh at Live Wyverns

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
This entry is part 7 of 9 in TD4α - Eye of the Wyvern

Alina’s spear was not going to work without snapping, so she tossed it aside and positioned her back against a large loose boulder she judged would cause the others to follow.

Alina: Bend bars, lift gates?
DM: Let’s use Open Doors, since you can keep trying with various boulders each round. Lift gates is a one shot.

Her legs strained, her leg muscles tightened and her back pushed against the first boulder.

Below . . .

Tess: Fuck! My thac doesn’t get better ’till level 4?

Dragon Quest IV Box Art

Circe slammed her holy shield and mace into the wyvern’s face, pushing it back towards the cavern entrance. In the process she managed to block every poison attempt from its tail. She was not actually hurting it however.

Don’t Tell Me How to Play

Kay: What else was I supposed to do? Someone had to distract the smaller wyvernling.
Tess: You didn’t have to go one on one. You’re a thief.
Sue: Not a fighter.

Starlight faced off with the wyverling that had previously materialized from the Eye of the Wyvern. Back and forth they struggled. The halfling was already bleeding out, blood and sweat running down her face. The wyvernling whipped its tail around and struck the halfling in the neck.

DM: Save versus poison.

At the table, all eyes were on Kay’s die roll.

Kay: Haha! Yes!

The wyvernling hissed a silent roar at the halfling that stubbornly remained standing. Suddenly there was a large rumble and the ground shook beneath their feet. Both the halfling and the wyvernling instinctively looked towards the source.

Alina had trapped the wyvern beneath an avalanche of rock. Their plan had worked. Among the boulders, a single leathery wing was visible as well as the head. Its neck writhed about as the wyvern’s bloodied eyes viewed the world upside down.

Tess: Kay, just run from the wyvernling!
Kay: He’ll attack me from behind!

Starlight watched Circe scramble up the pile of boulders to deliver the killing blow to the trapped wyvern. Starlight then turned to face the wyvernling in front of her.

Too late.

By the time Starlight turned her head, her side felt as if a hundred daggers had pierced her skin. The wyvernling lifted the halfling up in its jaws and flung her like a rag doll against the rocks.

Dem Bones

Character Death

They had not faced character death at this point. I thought it would come up far sooner than this, but Tess and Sue played so cautiously, while doing their best to reign in the shenanigans of Kay.

I was no help, because it is typical of me to immediately adjudicate the results of Kay’s actions. She presents her choices as if they already happened, while Tess and Sue will discuss a bit before hand.

In the end, Tess, did have a cure light wounds waiting for Kay. Despite her thac0 complaints, Tess killed the wyvernling that had been summoned from the Eye of the Wyvern, before it dealt a killing blow on the halfling.

They did not take the incident lightly; it was later when I saw how they each handled the first character death.

Kay: Do I get another scar?

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