Oh Shit Run – An Outside Perspective

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Robertson’s OSR logo is at the bottom of this site. I mentioned under “Weird Tales” that it’s linked to Shane’s message to the OSR. Does it suggest a conflict with my previous post in regards to rules?

If there is a common element to the the people that still play older versions of D&D it’s not defined by the rules at all. That’s why Matthew Finch’s Quick Primer for Old School Gaming resonates with so many people.

So, while the point of making the distinction between TSR produced rules and WotC produced rules was clear in the previous post, if the OSR is not about the specific rules, what is it about?

Oh, god. You’ve seen these posts before. Someone in the OSR attempts to answer this very question and everyone in the OSR jumps in to give their viewpoints of what it means to them. It’s never satisfactory.

Am I about to offer the definitive definition to what the OSR is all about?

Unlikely, but Bob might.

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