Rattle of Bones

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Krisella, Level 1 Halfling Thief
    • Finn, Human Torch-bearer
    • Hengest, Human Cleric
    • Hurgar, Human Torch-bearer
  • Kay, age 10 - Aria Blue-eyes, Level 1 Human Druid
  • Sue, age 13 - Sealamin Axeager, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
    • Killo, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Bargle, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Solaf, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Baltag, Human Torch-bearer
  • Tess, age 44 - Baz Moonblade, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter
    • Hamish, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Hawk, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Henx, Human Torch-bearer
    • Arnd Cobblestone, Dwarf Cleric
    • Drovay, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Warrick, Human Torch-bearer
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The orange and yellow glow of the torchlight mixed with the glowing blue light from the sapphire gems in the skulls of the undead skeletons.Barrowmaze Sapphire Skeletons

Aria: Their gems give them life. Go for their gems.

The undead bones rattled in the silent halls of the Barrowmaze; the pillared hall echoed with sounds of combat.

Arnd, too weak to join, kept an eye on the other entrances. The dwarf dropped to the back aside the rotting carcass of the giant snake. He was joined by the canary who picked at maggots from the giant snake’s decaying flesh.

Sue: That’s so gross.
DM: I know. It’s making my skin crawl. I hate maggots.

The weapons of steel clashed against the rusting swords and shields carried by the six sapphire skeletons.

Kay: Missed again.
Tess: Just go for them. Stop aiming for the gems.
Kay: But that’s what’ll kill ‘em.
Tess: We have a better chance at hitting the gems, once they fall.
Kay: I don’t care. I’m going for the gem again.

Despite the encroaching chaos that made turning undead more difficult, it never occurred to the girls to have Arnd attempt this feat. I was not going to give Arnd the idea, but I did ask questions I knew the answers to.

DM: Arnd is up. Who is controlling him again?
Tess: Me.
DM: He’s just in the back?
Tess: He has 1 hit point. We aren’t putting him in the fight. He’ll keep watching the entryways.
DM: Okay.

Thinking in the heat of battle is different for a Dungeon Master. I do not have anything to lose. The players do.

Tess: Kay, you have 1 hit point left. Get to the back.
DM: That’ll allow a free attack from the sapphire skeleton she’s facing.
Kay: I can’t hit the gem from the back!
Baz: Move!

Sparks from a torch showered down around the druid as one of the torchbearers blocked a rusty sword strike meant for Aria. Henx then took Aria’s place on the front line.

Kay: Doesn’t our cleric have any healing spells?
DM: No. After being in that pit, he needs time to rest and pray.
Sea Axe: Prayer is for the weak.

Sea Axe let out a battle cry and continued to break the bones of the sapphire skeletons.

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