Ready Player One

Player Characters
  • Jay, age 36 - Balthazar, Level 3 Human Fighter
    • Melchior, Level 3 Human Thief
    • Caspar, Level 3 Human Magic-user
This entry is part 2 of 6 in LL1Ω - Tomb of Horrors

Dungeon Master Jeff Easley

It was morning outside the Tomb of Horrors, when Balthazar made his way down the first hall. Lit torch in hand, he stepped towards an arch filled with mist. Three colored stones brightened around the arch.

Jay: Blue, orange, yellow?
LL: Heh, no.
Jay: Orange, yellow, blue?
LL: Ha! No.
Jay: Ugh. Yellow, blue, orange?

The colored vapors dissipated beyond the arched door.

Jay: The most obvious sequence and I couldn’t figure it out. Not a good start. I walk through the arch, while ON the red path.

Belthazar made his way passed a broken gargoyle statue and into the Great Hall of Spheres marked on the map. He immediately began searching for the crawlspace behind the illusionary red sphere.

Jay: I don’t think I need to roll to discover this, but you tell me. I don’t actually remember.
LL: Putting your hand through the red sphere confirms it’s an illusion. It’s the secret door at the end you have to roll for.

Sue was not spoiling this secret door.

Belthazar knew about the secret door already, but was not sure if he could discover how to open it.

LL: It’s actually pretty easy. 4 in 6 chance.
Jay: I’m going to take damage for this, but I need that ring.

I took 3 damage from the tilting stone, before entering the Chamber of Three Chests.

Jay: I open the silver chest. What’s the damage?
LL: Three darts hit you, for a total of 5.
Jay: Yes! That leaves me with 7 hit points. For a second, I thought I wouldn’t have enough hit points to make it back out. I grab the crystal box and leave.

I took an additional 1 out of 6 damage from the tilting stone crawlspace while leaving.

Belthazar’s next goal was the Chapel of Evil. The map indicated that a slew of treasure could be found there. There was a warning on the map to stay away from the front pews. He crawled along the passage behind the illusionary black sphere.

LL: Your torch just ran out.
Jay: I’ll light another and continue down the tunnel.

She rolled 1d6 out in the open. I knew she needed to roll a 1 to see if I could even get inside the chapel.

Jay: Perfect! Balthazar is going to stuff his sack full of gold coins from the third pew. Afterwards he’ll sit tight for now. The candelabras should suffice once my second torch goes out.

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