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Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
This entry is part 6 of 9 in TD4α - Eye of the Wyvern

After burning the goblin bodies in the bonfire, they traveled further up the mountain pass through the ruins along the roaring river.

The next morning they came across a landslide that blocked their way forward.

The landslide was recent. Newly broken stones and sharp rocks were everywhere. Up the hill of toppled rocks was a great cavern torn in the side of the mountain. Among the shattered rocks, halfway up the slope something red gleamed in the sunlight.

Starlight: I climb up the slope to check it out.

It was the Eye of the Wyvern, a magical device that had been used by Alexus long ago to quickly summon wyvernlings. The device was hidden away in a cavern, but the recent rockslide had exposed the hidden chamber where it had been kept.

DM: It’s a large, flat red crystal about a foot across, set in a brass holder that is now broken.
Starlight: That’s huge! I want it!
Sue: How are you going to carry it?

Kay had left her pony in Eastbrook with Rhen. The dwarf blacksmith had agreed to provide horseshoes for her pony by the time she returned. Starlight’s saddlebags were stored in the Temple of Pelor where Circe resided.

Kay: I’ll figure something out. How heavy is it?
DM: You pull on it to gauge its weight and a mist starts to gather around you . . . no, it’s gathering around the crystal.
Kay: I stand back with a dagger ready.
Tess: We run up to where she’s at.

Starlight’s hair stood on end as if she had been charged with static electricity. The air seemed to ripple around the crystal. The mist took the form of a wyvernling and solidified before her eyes.

Kay: Initiative?
DM: Not yet.

As Circe and Alina rushed to confront the summoned creature, a giant roar shook the rocks and echoed down the pass. They looked up to see a huge wyvern – a real one, over 35 feet long from fanged muzzle to poisonous tail.

Sue: Jeez. 35 feet?
Kay: I’ll distract the smaller one.

Atop a large pile of boulders above the cavern, the large wyvern looked down at them below and shrieked another defiant roar. It spread its wings, took flight and descended upon them.

Their tactics were quickly discussed at the table and initiative was rolled.


Circe shouted a prayer, while she grasped Alina’s wrist.

“Go!” She instructed Alina.

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Tess cast Sanctuary on Sue which caused the wyvern to ignore the fighter and focus on the cleric. They decided Tess was the best choice to take a beating.

The cleric raised her shield with the sunburst of Pelor. The wyvern slammed into the shield which kept him from its target during its assault. The blows knocked her back; her feet slid backwards on the broken stone kicking up dust, but she stood her ground.

Incidentally, since Tess found that shield in the Tomb of Alexis, her Armor Class was better than Sue’s.

Tess: My thac still sucks.
Sue: It could be your dice.

Alina does not carry a shield. She sticks with using her spear and her sword or dagger as back up in close combat.

Sue: I can use my ranseur as a quick ranged weapon, ten foot pole and it does double damage when firmly set to receive a charge.

With her spear in hand, Alina moved away from the battle and made her way up the rock slide. Alina’s goal was above the torn cavern entrance where the wyvern was originally perched.

The cleric did her best to beat the winged creature back. Circe’s goal was to position the creature below the mouth of that same entrance.

The ultimate goal would be to figure out a way to create an avalanche using the boulders on top to crush the wyvern once Sue, Tess and the wyvern were in position.

Sue: I could try and use my spear as leverage on the rocks above once I’m up there.

The landslide was recent, the rocks and boulders were loose enough, so the plan was sound. However, they did not account for one small detail.

DM: Your move, Kay.

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