The Kobold Lord

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 11 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
This entry is part 16 of 17 in TD3α – Wrath of the Minotaur

The girls decided to go down the east corridor. They were trying to avoid another fight with the kobolds.

Menacing jet-black double doors stood before them. On each half of the door was a bas-relief of a minotaur bearing a great axe.

Kay: Oh! I pull out one of my triangular daggers! Does it fit in the keyhole?
DM: No. You can hardly push it in half way.
Kay: Are you sure?
DM: Based on how the dagger feels in your hand, you judge that if you try any harder the end might snap off blocking the keyhole.
Kay: I take it out before that happens.
Tess: The key has to be in the room we’re avoiding.
Sue: Another kobold fight.

Now in the south corridor, they faced a wooden door bound in iron.

Circe: If we stick to our plan we should be okay.
Alina: Ready.
Circe: Starlight?

Starlight nodded, pulled out two daggers and fell behind Circe and Alina.

Alina readied her spear.

Circe gripped her mace.

They kicked the door open.

Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice

If their characters spoke kobold, they would have understood the phrases barked at them. Phrases like “Die, pigs!” or “That’s for caving in my corridor!” or “You’re too tall to live!”

All they heard were barks and yips coming from the six kobolds, while a seventh kobold shouted orders at them. This kobold stood on a make-shift throne of boxes, crates and bags of grain stolen from travellers outside Bullhead Canyon.

The girls expected kobolds and followed through with their plan. Tess and Sue grabbed the attention of the first onslaught, while Kay waited to slip unnoticed into the room. Her target was the kobold lord.

Weasel Mouse Guard

They did not expect the two giant leashed weasels released by the kobolds upon their entry. The large furry creatures had quickly grappled onto Circe and Alina. They were not letting go and were doing automatic damage each round.

Sue: Gah! These things suck!
Tess: I can’t hit them for shit.

With the giant weasel latched on, Alina’s spear was awkward to wield. She dropped it and pulled out a dagger.

The giant vermin on Circe dug its yellowed teeth deep into her weapon arm; the searing pain interfered with her ability to deliver a substantial blow.

At least that’s how I explained their constant “misses.”

They got so frustrated, they started slaughtering the kobolds around them, while the weasels remained latched on.

Aside from the two weasels, only two kobolds remained. The kobold lord with a halfling sneaking up behind him and a kobold poking a rusty sword at the cleric near the doorway (He was trying not to hit the weasel).

Stay on Target

A sharp pain shot through the kobold lord’s back. He cried out and fell forward. The kobold poking at the cleric looked up and saw a halfling on the back of his fallen leader. He barked a cry of vengeance and raced towards the halfling. Starlight pulled out her shortbow and let her arrows fly.

Kay had two shots before the kobold running at her was in melee.

Both arrows missed.Fishers Mouse Guard

Kay: I ready my dagger.
I hate my thac.
Sue: Bitten to death by giant weasels.
Kay: I can fire arrows at them.
Tess, Sue: No!
Sue: You’ll probably hit us.
Tess: Worry about the kobold coming at you.
Sue: Finally!

Alina managed to gouge the eye of the weasel, puncturing its brain. With her hand still covered in gore she began stabbing at the weasel on Circe.

The kobold scrambled up the boxes towards the halfing. Was he grinning?

Starlight’s dagger clashed with the kobold’s rusty blade, while an angry kobold lord stood up behind her. He raised a glowing blue blade and prepared to return Starlight’s favor.

I rolled the kobold lord’s to-hit.

Kay: Haha! What happens?

Starlight’s struggle with the other kobold inadvertently caused the halfling to move out of the path of the kobold lord’s attack. His sword slammed into one of the crates, stuck. He put a foot against the box and began to yank at it, trying to pull it back out.

I had rolled a 1.

Kay: I’m going to cut him with my dagger.
Tess: Stop switching targets.

Starlight drove her dagger into the kobold lord as he struggled to free his weapon and killed him.

Behind the halfling a rusty sword in a kobold grip swung.

DM: What the hell?
Tess: No way.

I had rolled a 1.

Sue: You’re one lucky halfling.
Kay: Does he get his sword stuck in a box too?

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