The Misty Mug

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Deep OneThe cook of The Misty Mug was a fat halfling by the name of Sunshine. Her husband had recently gone missing and her daughter Starlight had left for Eastbrook that morning to search for his whereabouts.

Sunshine was an odd name to have in such a place. The sun rarely broke through the overcast that enshrouded the town and the mists were thicker over the grassy moorlands north of Naerie. The village was a grey and dreary place and the only life that seemed to emanate from it came from The Misty Mug.

Aside from splicing the main brace on Josef’s grog in the tavern, here the pirates and tomb robbers and swords for hire filled their bellies with fish, clams, blood pudding and Sunshine’s specialty, Giant Toad tongue.

Before setting sail south to their hidden coves and caves riddled up and down the coast where the Spine Ridge mountains meet the Azure Sea, the tomb robbers often swapped tales with the pirates.

A common tale overheard in The Misty Mug was that the walking dead roamed the mists just a half a day’s travel north. It was here that ancient burials mounds covered the moorlands and the tales said they held untold riches.

After hearing these tales, pirates and sell swords alike often take up the challenge of seeking these treasures out. Not everyone returns.

The local fishermen of Naerie refer to this underground labyrinth as the Barrowmaze.

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