Be the First to Solve the Mystery and Claim the Dungeon Treasure!

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You can win a prize for solving a mystery at The Delvers, but first a little nostalgia vomit.

My San Checks are supposed to stay within the realm of role-playing games, so I will not go into too much reflection about a time when I spent all hours of the night solving the mysteries of Solomon’s Key, discovering hidden rooms, figuring out patterns that lead to secret treasure and ultimately uncovering the pages of Time and Space!

I never saved the Princess, nor could I complete level 48. You had a limited number of lives and I would often reset my game if I died within the first 30 levels, because I knew I was better than that.

Solomon's Key

Later in life, when I first thought to look the game up online, I was quite proud that I discovered so many of its secrets (though I never figured this out! Wtf?). I was also a bit annoyed, because 48 is one of the last levels; I had no idea I was that close!

Even if I had completed Pisces, there were multiple endings based on whether you completed previous puzzles or not. Completing the game without these resolved could lead to failure, regardless of “releasing” the final room. This game is fantastic!

What does this have to do with role-playing games? Did I fail my San Check?

Don’t Leave Yet! You Can Claim the Dungeon Treasure!

Perhaps I was a bit cryptic in a previous post. There is a mystery to be solved at The Delvers; a puzzle to be unraveled.

I will buy the first person to solve the mystery a PDF copy of Barrowmaze. I realize this may only appeal to Dungeon Masters, but I would highly recommend players join in so they can give a copy to their Labyrinth Lord! As an alternate prize, I have one copy of Portal 2 to give away via steam.*

Update: Please see this post for a chance at more prizes.

U will know what 2 do when U unscramble “How daddy is doing”**

What is the mystery?

The stars have not aligned for all secrets to be revealed, but that would only stop an elder god.

There are several different ways to unlock the secrets at The Delvers.

Though, I was influenced by Solomon’s Key when I originally thought this up, previous knowledge of Solomon’s Key is not required.

The contest will end when the first person solves the mystery or on October 1st, 2012 the anniversary of The Delvers.

When the contest ends, I would still love to see others “delving into the black abyss,” so to speak. I will not reveal any secrets or clues discovered when the winner is announced.

I think afterwards a showcase of people that have solved the mystery at The Delvers is in order.

  • * In both cases I would need your email address and possible details, but I would only use them to get the prize to you. You would also have to sign up with RPGNow or Steam, if you have not done so.
  • ** That sub-header has nothing to do with the mystery.
  • † Viewing this site in WPtouch will hinder you on this quest.
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