The Winter Wolf

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 12 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
This entry is part 4 of 9 in TD4α - Eye of the Wyvern

Hanging above the bar were animal trophies of the tavern’s namesake. Yaen stood near the bar drinking alone. Tilith sat at a table with two farmers in deep discussion. Galem and Rhen sat near the fireplace drinking ale.

The dwarves seemed irritated by the elf bard playing a harp, although Yaen seemed to appreciate it. He listened to the tale of how the winter wolves met their end.

frazetta sword & sworcery

Yaen reflected back on his past in silence.

Murri had promised to buy them drinks at the Winter Wolf for their help, but the halfling was a no show.

There were several hooks waiting for them in the Winter Wolf tavern; they did not have to pursue the Eye of the Wyvern.

  • Why didn’t Murri show up?
  • The dwarves were discussing how there was still something raiding the farms nearby. Was it the ghoul from the ruined tower?
  • What was the real story behind the Black Goat Wood the elf bard was now singing about?

Of course, there was also the cleric Tilith talking to the farmers about the wyverling problem.

Bags of Holding

Of more pressing matters to The Delvers was whether they should separate the coins from the Tomb of Alexus from the gold the Patriarch gave them.

Kay: Is this place going to take the coins with the Minotaur on the front and the Tower on the back?
Sue: How do you know it’s not the Tower on the front of the coin?
Tess: We should keep them seperate. Maybe keep two bags of gold? One for Sun coins and one for . . .
DM: Wait, wait, wait. Stop. I’m not going to require you guys to do that. Gold is gold. The description of the coins was just my flavor text.

The girls looked at me with untrusting eyes.

DM: I’m not going to have it matter. That would be tedious to track.
Sue: No it wouldn’t.
Tess: I could easily just keep a data base of it in excel.
DM: You guys are weird. Let me put it this way. I don’t want to have to keep track of it.

Wine and Women

Alina approached the bar, nodded to Yaen and ordered a drink.

Sue: Do they have any of that Whip Wine?
Tess: Who’s Yaen?
Sue: Well . . .

Starlight went over to the two dwarves, while Alina filled the cleric in on what she knew about Yaen.

Starlight: Hey mister! You owe me a drink and a story!

Later, Circe sat with Tilith and the farmers.

Tilith: I think I’m going to need your help. It seems there is trouble in Wyvern Falls.

I think Galem’s tale about the Tomb of Horrors sidetracked the information about the Eastbrook farm raids or maybe they just thought it was the same problem as the wyvernlings.

No one seemed to care that Murri didn’t show up, but admittedly that could have been my fault. I didn’t imply any suspicion about it and they wrote it off as a just another sneaky halfling.

No one ever talked to the elf bard. Although they did make fun of him a bit, winning some points with the dwarves.

So in the end, they decided they should go help the farmers at Wyvern Falls.

Circe spent the night in her room at the Temple of Pelor, Alina found a quiet place in the woods, and Starlight spent all night drinking with the dwarves in Rhen’s house behind the smithy.

Starlight: Awe! Your two cats are cute! Any kittens?
Rhen: Bah! They’re both male. I’m not insane!

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