There Is No Cow Level

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Ancient, rotting texts were everywhere; water damaged books with broken spines were open on every flat surface and yellowed scrolls were unfurled over the backs of chairs. The room was permeated with a moldy smell of rotting paper in the Patriarch’s main study in the Temple of Pelor. – LFH Tomb of Alaxis

Two birthdays later, while feeding the ducks at the park . . .

DM: Oh, Labyrinth Lord! Duh! We’ll just use LL when I’m writing about your games.
Sue: I like that. What are you going to use? Jon?
DM: I was thinking Jay. Both J names, heh.

Sue DMed our Labyrinth Lord playtest in April. I gave her some general tips, but nothing heavy.

Since then she has run three games.

DM: So do you like it?
LL:  Yes, I enjoy DMing. It was fun watching how you guys reacted to what I threw at you.
DM: Any dislikes?
LL: What I didn’t like was having to constantly look back at my notes. I felt I should have memorized them.
DM: Would you have done anything differently?
LL: If I could have done anything differently, I would have let the secret door be and not dropped hints that it was there. Also, I wish I wasn’t so stubborn on not changing the random encounter roll. I would have made the poor cow an angry beast.
DM: I liked that you stuck with what the dice rolled. I think it’s fun finding creative ways to explain the dice. Besides, how many people can say they’ve been to the Secret Cow Level of a dungeon?

In his haste to take the book he bumped into the desk, rocking a single white burning candle that illuminated his study. Wax spilled on some of the papers he had been looking over.The Magic Candle

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