Through the Gates of the Silver Key

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 8 - Starlight, The Halfling Thief
  • Sue, age 11 - Alina, The Half-Elf Fighter
  • Tess, age 43 - Circe, The Elf Cleric
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Searching the room, Starlight found a chest behind the kobold lord’s throne. Inside the small untrapped wooden box was the following:

  • 300 sp
  • a pearl necklace
  • an unlabeled corked bottle (Potion of Healing)
  • a gnarled stick (Wand of Magic Missiles)
  • a scroll they couldn’t read
  • a silver key

Alina took the kobold lord’s blue blade and a gold ring she found on his finger. The archaic style of the sword matched the age of the armor she had gained in the tomb (the kobold lord had taken the blade from the dead paladin). She did not put the ring on, but did notice the etched word “Goitre” on the inside of the band.

  • Broad sword +1, +2 vs. magic using and enchanted creatures
  • a gold ring

Kay wanted all the silver pieces to herself, because she “found the box first.” She had to negotiate with Sue to carry them for her. She also took the gnarled stick and later placed it inside one of her “secret” compartments in the pony’s saddle bags.

Sue kept the pearl necklace.

No one wanted to test the potion, but they kept it.

They left the scroll and grabbed the silver key.

They holed up for the night in one of the side chambers to heal.

Later . . .

Beyond the Gates

Starlight placed the silver key inside the central locking mechanism of the obsidian double doors and turned it. The doors silently swung open, splitting the lock; the key dropped to the ground.

They stood ready, expecting the bas-relief minotaurs to spring to life and attack.

The doors continued to open, pushing back an eerie mist that covered the floor of the immense chamber beyond. The mist lapped at the bottom edge of the doorway, but never entered the hall.

In the center of the tomb, a dias of three broad steps lead up to a large sarcophagus.

Minotaur Jared Hindman

The Well-oiled Machine

From the shadows near the back of the chamber, three rotting minotaur zombies lumbered forward.

Tess: I’ll turn them. You two take ‘em down.

The lid of the stone coffin burst off the top, thrown back by a large undead minotaur in tattered robes. They had disturbed Alaxis.

Tess: Sue, continue towards the zombies in the back, while I have them turned. Kay, sneak around Alaxis. He should come for me, since I’m just standing here. I can’t do anything or I’ll break the turn.

Armed with her new blade, Alina easily dismembered the three zombie minotaurs. She than ran and joined Starlight who was tip-toeing up the dias behind Alaxis.

Even with a rotting torn throat, Alaxis began uttering arcane words of power.

Free from her focused turning, Circe launched a frontal assault on Alaxis as the other two attacked him from behind.

DM: He didn’t even get a chance to cast any spells.
Sue: He had spells?
DM: Well he got off Shield and Enlarge, which is why he was so big. Attacks from behind Alaxis are unaffected by Shield, according to the module. Not that the front attacker did much.
Tess: Shut up. I kept his attention.

They killed Alaxis before he cast Burning Hands, which would have killed the cleric. Tess approached the encounter tactically and the girls followed suit.

The Delvers would argue they are quick learners. Maybe. That depends on which one you are talking about.

Kay: I’m looking inside the coffin.
DM: You’re too short.

Alina hoisted the halfling up to poke around inside the sarcophagus.

Starlight lifted up a single dark leather-bound book. Embedded on the front cover was a minotaur skull motif. They packed it away to carry back to the Patriarch.

They left the tomb and headed back to Eastbrook.

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