What Did You Do Over the Summer?

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School started and we got that assignment. Instead of writing about how I spent my summer in the library, I wrote about my adventures in Allansia.

I had freed the slaves of Fire Island and defeated the lizard king. In Port Blacksand, I got lost in the City of Thieves and later found myself in Darkwood Forest. In Fang, I failed miserably at Baron Sukumvit’s challenge (even though I was able to get to the final door!). I succeeded at ascending the Citadel of Chaos on Cragged Rock to defeat Balthus Dire. I traveled the Icefinger Mountains and its caverns and sludged through Scorpion Swamp to my annoyance.

One of the things I enjoyed about the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks was its consistency. You did not necessarily play the same character, but you were in the same world and there would be various references to places and people you had read about in the other books. Much like when William Sleator references Interstellar Pig in his other writings or when someone on screen is smoking a pack of Red Apples after eating a Big Kahuna Burger, it does that much more to bring that world to life.

Consistency is an important aspect of Dungeon Mastering. It helps create a world that your players understand and believe. Yaen was just a throw away character, because Kay wanted to steal some shit. Although the girls may never look up any Greyhawk history, if they did they would see that Yaen fits in perfectly with published material.

At times it can be a challenge during the game. In a future Actual Play post there is a moment where I fucked up when The Delvers were questioning a halfling. I screwed up on the distance between Naerie and the Glorioles and Sue immediately questioned the truth of the matter. I played it off as him being caught in a lie and he then began spilling “the truth.” He was not meant to be a sneaky, untrustworthy halfling, but that’s what he became.

Really it was just the Dungeon Master covering up his mistake to maintain consistency.

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