WotC’s Poisoned Apple

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The days of edition wars and divided factions among D&D fans are over.
-Monte Cook

I mocked the idea of the modular system of the upcoming 5th edition, yet I’m arguably playing the most modular system of D&D. Am I hypocrite? Isn’t it just another way to eat an orange?

I have often read, and have been guilty of saying it myself, “I play 2E, but we don’t use all the splat books!” It comes off as a defensive reaction to what a person might think.

Yet people house rule everything. Take helmets for example.

WotC can make 5E as modular as they want; WotC can promote a hodgepodge of play styles for everyone under the sun. They can promote their modular rules in their modular game and people are still going to house rule outside of what is written.

But it’s not really about house rules or splat books.

No one doubts that Pathfinder is the successor to 3E. It is based on the evolution of the rules that came before it. However, to say 3E is the successor of 2E inspires doubt. 3E tossed the rules out the window, made up its own rules, and called itself an orange.

The problem with edition wars beyond 2E is that we are no longer discussing oranges. Discussing 3E and forward is a discussion about apples. I’m not going to argue that it’s not fruit, that’s ludicrous. And if you like apples there is something wrong with you that’s okay.

If you want a more in depth look at comparing apples and oranges, look no further than Classic RPG Realms.

So if they are not even the same game, why mock the next edition? Because WotC is trying to market 5E to me. I’m not attacking a system I have never even tried. I am commenting on their goals. Their goal is for me to buy products from them.

They tried this approach with 4E by temping us with a Red Poisoned Apple Box.

WotCs Poisoned Apple

WotC trying to sell me anything is a fool’s errand.

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