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Sue pointed out that I said “Keep characters” and not “Tomb of Horrors characters” in Paradox and Juxtaposition. I was thinking of the correct characters, but I referenced the wrong session. Oops.

I have since updated the show notes for that episode.

Prompted by our discussion, Sue and I made a list of all the PCs and NPCs, various one-shots and campaigns, who was present when and so forth. I took the results and created the timeline below.


  • Only NPCs that show up in different time periods are listed; in some cases PCs are NPCs in other sessions.
  • A character roster vertical with another character roster of a different session took place roughly around the same time (e.g. Braeburn & Aloe, the guards referenced in Paradox and Juxtaposition, are vertical as PCs and NPCs).
  • Two vertical rosters do not necessarily mean the same location in Greyhawk.
  • Left is further in Greyhawk’s past; right is further in Greyhawk’s future.
  • The top is December 2010, which leads down to the beginning of March 2013.

Tess suggested I make a larger version.

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  1. You know, for kids!
  2. Digger, Please!
  3. Semantic Railroads
  4. Mapping Progress
  5. Honeymoon Adventure
  6. No One Games in a Vacuum
  7. House Rules, You’re Doing It Wrong!
  8. WotC’s Poisoned Apple
  9. Oh Shit Run – An Outside Perspective
  10. Greyhawk Campaigns
  11. Nostalgia Vomit
  12. Dicing with Dinosaurs
  13. The Eye of the Dragon
  14. What Did You Do Over the Summer?
  15. It’s Like Cops and Robbers, but with Dice!
  16. Emergent Death or Why Losing Is Fun!
  17. How to Train Your Delvers (More WotC Snark)
  18. WotC’s Babel Fish
  19. More Nostalgia Vomit
  20. Fantasy Fighting
  21. Fighting Fantasy
  22. The Delvers 1985
  23. From Weird WotC to the creator of Giant Space Hamsters
  24. The Daedalus Complex
  25. There Is No Cow Level
  26. Double-decker Bologna Sandwich!
  27. It is Not a Secret Door if You Tell Me
  28. All Apologies
  29. Be the First to Solve the Mystery and Claim the Dungeon Treasure!
  30. Dungeon Treasure & Hidden Treasure
  31. You Unlock this Door with the Key of Imagination
  32. The Answer to the Mystery at The Delvers
  33. The First Keeper
  34. Sandbox Apophenia
  35. Nearly Enough Dice – Interview
  36. The State of The Delvers
  37. Vicariously Join Two Girls and Their Mom Around the Gaming Table
  38. Cassette Cover Art
  39. Bastion of the Boglings
  40. WotC Piss and the Last Boy Scout
  41. Campaign Timeline
  42. B4: The Lost City

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