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Marooned by a Dwarf Pirate

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Warhammer Dreadfleet Ships

A group of three salty dogs sat in The Misty Mug. A female halfling and two male dwarves sipped their cups as they contemplated their current situation.

All were starting at first level with their choice of basic equipment.

  • Krisella was a halfling Thief. She wore leather and a set of six daggers with a bow and quiver of arrows.
  • Sealamin Axeager was a dwarf Fighter. He wore hide armor with a warhammer and short sword at his belt.

Sue: It’s “Sea” for short.
DM: “Axe” would be better.

  • Baz Moonblade was dwarf Fighter. He too wore hide armor. He had nine daggers in his belt and carried a set of darts. He also had a broadsword for close combat.

DM: Moonblade?
Tess: Shut up and DM.

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