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Every Thief for Himself

Player Characters
  • Jay, age 36 - Melchior, Level 3 Human Thief
    • Balthazar, Level 3 Human Fighter
    • Caspar, Level 3 Human Magic-user
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The map warned of a winged four armed gargoyle beyond the door. Balthazar felt they could take the demonic statue if the thief was able to sneak around behind it. Melchior agreed to the plan.

While writing this I noticed I forgot to include the gargoyle encounter when I wrote the Actual Play back when the girls first explored the Tomb. Obviously the girls survived, but they were playing high level characters. I had two level 3 characters and there was no other way out.

The thief tied the end of one of his ropes to his sack of 400 gold coins and the other end to Balthazar’s sack of 600 gold coins. He grabbed the center rope and made sure they were secure.

Melchior signaled to the fighter that he was ready.

Balthazar opened the door to the Gargoyle Lair.

I won initiative. . . [ »»»]

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