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Teach Your Kids to Game Week

I was reading the latest post on Risus Monkey, home of the awesome Ryth Chronicle, which let me know it was “Teach Your Kids to Game” week.

Looking over other posts about the subject this week, one of the themes spread throughout their articles was the idea of explaining the concept of reality versus fantasy to children. I kept reflecting back to when I was younger and my experience was the exact opposite; I would go to hell if I played these games!

I was the adult in child form saying, “But it’s just pretend!

Kids know pretend; they already intuitively role play without dice. It’s adults who need a reality check.

Originally my mind defended all these other adults that still enjoyed role-playing games; surely they could not forget what it was like as a kid, since they still play games of imagination. Then Tess reminded me that I had reminded her to remind me that I need to stop the habit of giving people the benefit of the doubt. . . [ »»»]

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