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The story below was first posted on the DF forums in 2010. It’s a minor blip on the radar of DF stories online.

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The “tail” of Roomreined, slayer of [spoilers].

The dwarves of Mustyvale had just breached the third cavern layer and planned to move their forces deeper into the earth, when Omethu showed up.

The Deep Walls had faced several forgotten beasts before, including inorganics. They crushed Usa with a cave in.

When Usa met his demise, the collapsed ceiling also took out the bridge leading outside the mountain, cutting off trade, and forced the dwarves to sustain themselves inside the caverns.

In the northwest section of the cave at the edge of a cave lake, the dwarves created a new refuse pile during this time. It centered on the corpse of an elf (Author’s Note: Elves were “E”s at time instead of “e”s). The elf survived the swim to the shore, after the bridge collapsed, but was unable to find his way out of the caves. He eventually bled to death.

As a mock memorial, the dwarves piled bones, corpses, rotten meat, and anything else considered garbage around the elf’s corpse. Now others would know how much the dwarves of Mustyvale respected the elves.

I was playing with 31.03, so my vermin didn’t rot and, as you can see, when this area was closed off a few stray cats were left behind. Their numbers increased, breeding as they do, hunting and playing in the former dumping grounds of the dwarves.

Two levels below are the shores to the northwest lower lake and the mushroom forest that lies beyond.

This is the top left corner of my map, thus one of the areas open to creatures coming in from the side. This is also where Omethu made his first appearance.

Since he was composed of flame, I, foolishly, didn’t worry about him. He couldn’t fly. I figured, since he was landlocked, he would eventually go away.

He must have seen the cats and kittens on the other side, because he dove right into the water.

I thought he had just committed suicide, but then slowly realized his temperature was so hot that he was able to create a dry path. He evaporated the water as he went through; steam rose up as he approached the southern shore where he first spotted the cats.

When he reached the other side, I began to scramble the dwarves. The cats would keep him occupied, but the dwarves needed a means to defeat this forgotten beast.

He is represented by the “Q” in the pic below, a cat and kitten nearby.

He burned everything in its path and launched fire balls at the cats. Some of the kittens made their way across to the other side where Omethu first showed up, since the water was low and was slowly refilling due to all the mushroom growth on the bottom floor of the the cave lake.

One kitten did not follow the others.

Roomreined, also known as Imirareli to the dwarves, remained behind.

Prior to sealing off this refuse area, I had a few practicing engravers make graffiti in various sections to improve their skills for the future true fortress. One of these areas was just above the northwest lake.

Pictured below with Roomreined.

Roomreined ran from Omethu, following the dead-end path. Later, the dwarves of Mustyvale would insist that he wasn’t running at all and that he was instead leading Omethu to his doom.

Combat log below.

You may find it comforting to know that Roomreined did make it over to his family on the other side of the lake before the waters refilled the area.

Whether one argues that the kitten got lucky or that he was chased and didn’t have a plan of action or whether you believe it was the fall that actually killed the forgotten beast and that Roomreined just happen to survive hiding in the cramped spaces of the ledge avoiding the fireballs, one thing is for certain:

The legends will record that Roomreined was the true slayer.

Roomreined and Omethu face off.

Image created by Kobold Troubadour.

  • Originally I was going to use The Delvers as a place to record my personal DF stories as they emerged in-game.
  • You can find my DFMA profile here.
  • I should eventually upload my fortress Hornedcrypts, where the dwarves built Roomreined Hall.

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