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You’re the Best Around

Player Characters
  • Jay, age 36 - Caspar, Level 3 Human Magic-user
    • Melchior, Level 3 Human Thief
    • Balthazar, Level 3 Human Fighter
This entry is part 5 of 6 in LL1Ω - Tomb of Horrors

Whenever I have run Tomb of Horrors, no one has been beyond the chapel. This is not a boast. I have read the whole module, but I did not know the Tomb well beyond this point. I had only an idea of what was to come, and was not sure how to get there.

Caspar lit a torch and descended the steps in front of him. At the bottom he faced a long hall that ended with a door.

Jay: Okay, it’s bad news to go to the very end around the corner. There are pit traps here. Not sure how many. I proceed slowly with my ten foot pole.

There were pit traps on the other side of each door. At the bottom of each ten foot drop were poisoned spikes. If the spikes did not kill you, the poison would. I managed to jump the first two pits traps.

Caspar triggered the third pit trap with his pole.

Jay: What about this one?
LL: Let’s see . . .yes, you do see the outline of a wooden door below. It was painted to look like stone wall. It was pretty easy to spot. 5 in 6 chance by the way.

Yes! One of the “fortuitous falls” was there. Beyond that was a secret door and beyond that . . . I am getting ahead of myself. . . [ »»»]

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