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The Haunter of the Dark

Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Krisella, Level 1 Halfling Thief
    • Finn, Human Torch-bearer
    • Hengest, Human Cleric
    • Hurgar, Human Torch-bearer
  • Sue, age 13 - Sealamin Axeager, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
    • Killo, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Bargle, The Human Man-at-Arms
  • Tess, age 44 - Baz Moonblade, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
    • Hamish, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Drovay, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Warrick, Human Torch-bearer
This entry is part 9 of 15 in TD2β - Barrowmaze

Sea Axe entered a large room with four pillars on either side. The ceiling to the north was collapsed in. He poked the floor cautiously with his ten foot pole. Closer to the pile of rubble, his eyes saw the glint of coin. He poked into the loose stones. A Giant Rattler Snake emerged from behind a near pillar coiling back to strike.

Sea Axe smacked him with the pole.

Sea Axe: I need some help in here!

Baz and the men came rushing in, weapons drawn. Krisella made her way behind the pillars.  Sea Axe drew his weapon. The Giant Rattler’s head shot down towards Sea Axe. Its poison covered fangs sunk into the flesh of the dwarf. Sea Axe yelled in pain.

DM: Save versus poison.

She tossed a borrowed dwarven die. . . [ »»»]

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