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Campaign Timeline

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Sue pointed out that I said “Keep characters” and not “Tomb of Horrors characters” in Paradox and Juxtaposition. I was thinking of the correct characters, but I referenced the wrong session. Oops.

I have since updated the show notes for that episode.

Prompted by our discussion, Sue and I made a list of all the PCs and NPCs, various one-shots and campaigns, who was present when and so forth. I took the results and created the timeline below.


  • Only NPCs that show up in different time periods are listed; in some cases PCs are NPCs in other sessions.
  • A character roster vertical with another character roster of a different session took place roughly around the same time (e.g. Braeburn & Aloe, the guards referenced in Paradox and Juxtaposition, are vertical as PCs and NPCs).
  • Two vertical rosters do not necessarily mean the same location in Greyhawk.
  • Left is further in Greyhawk’s past; right is further in Greyhawk’s future.
  • The top is December 2010, which leads down to the beginning of March 2013.

Tess suggested I make a larger version.

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