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Emergent Death or Why Losing Is Fun!

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There are parallels to draw between D&D editions wars and Dwarf Fortress. 40d versus the latest version, ASCII versus graphic tilesets and so forth. That’s not what this article is about.

It’s not real ASCII! It’s Code page 437!

No matter your preference for how you play Dwarf Fortress, every Dwarf Fortress player will agree upon one thing. Losing is Fun!

Probably the most famous story of Dwarf Fortress is Boatmurdered. Another famous tale is the illustrated story of Bronzemurder by Tim Denee.

Bronzemurder Tim Denee

The beauty of Dwarf Fortress is the emergent gameplay. The game doesn’t provide scenarios and it’s not trying to tell you a scripted story. There are no objectives and there is no win condition. Your goals are determined by you. You decide your path (and hope the dwarves listen) in the simulated world of Dwarf Fortress. . . [ »»»]

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