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Player Characters
  • Kay, age 9 - Krisella, Level 1 Halfling Thief
    • Finn, Human Torch-bearer
    • Hengest, Human Cleric
    • Hurgar, Human Torch-bearer
  • Sue, age 13 - Sealamin Axeager, Level 1 Dwarf Fighter
    • Killo, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Bargle, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Solaf, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Baltag, Human Torch-bearer
  • Tess, age 44 - Baz Moonblade, Level 2 Dwarf Fighter
    • Hamish, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Hawk, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Henx, Human Torch-bearer
    • Drovay, The Human Man-at-Arms
    • Warrick, Human Torch-bearer
This entry is part 12 of 15 in TD2β - Barrowmaze

The rain lasted for weeks, but the dwarf pirates needed the rest. They spent the weeks sleeping, drinking and gambling. To save on expenses, Baz fired Drovay and Warrick.

Dwarf Paul Bonner

About the same time they were healed up and ready, the rain had conveniently stopped as well. They traveled back to the Barrowmaze with new men in their hired ranks.

Sue: We should have hired these guys after we recovered our hit points, so we didn’t have to pay them every day.
Tess: We’re good on gold for now.

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