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Cassette Cover Art

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Since the 2000 Coppers promo is out, I wanted to share the cover art for The Delvers’ Podcast. If you’re wondering why it is so large, iTunes now recommends a scale of 1400×1400. Which is cool, I guess, but pixel art does not scale well at random sizes.

You may see what I am referring to below. The cover art is scaled to fit this post, so the top and bottom portions appear blurred, but the central cassette does not.

The blurring effect does not occur on most mobile devices, but, fair warning: do not click on the image if you’re on a mobile device. It will enlarge to 1400×1400.

I left out the hidden rooms, halls and secret passages related to the dungeon puzzles in the top header.

CleopatraGolden WingMedicine of MaprosMagic LampMighty CoinOrizuruSphinx

As an aside, I recently added a “2000 Coppers” claim to the hidden treasure list. The clue is appropriately found in a journal entitled Expedition to Dwimmermount.

Beware of Giant Rats!

The Delvers Podcast B-side