The Forbidden Library

There are those to whom knowledge is a shield, and those to whom it is a weapon. Neither view is balanced, but one is less unwise.
-Keeper Annals

Solomon’s Key
Golden Wing
Medicine of Mapros
Magic Lamp
Mighty Coin
  • The shrines are now open in the Forbidden Library (below).
  • Each shrine provides background or a clue to unlock this door.
  • Further clues will lead to instructions on how to combine the pages and where the princess is located.
  • The clues provided in the Forbidden Library lead to hidden treasure.
  • It is possible to unlock this door without finding any hidden treasure.
  • Only those that unlock this door can claim hidden treasure.
  • Only one hidden treasure per person can be claimed.
  • The site header displays your progress.




Expedition to Dwimmermount
  • A firsthand account of a dungeon crawl with extensive notes and maps. Scrawled in the margins is a recipe for rat jerky.
  • Unclaimed
Nursery Rhymes and Other Lies
  • One dusty tome poses an easy solution: Make a wish on the first star you see.
  • Claimed: July 2nd, 2013
The Undead Sea Scrolls
  • There are vague references in a badly damaged scroll. The burned scroll contains an ancient conjuration whose “fx” are unknown outside the Keeper Library.
  • Unclaimed
Through the Looking-Glass, and Other Incantations by Alice
  • A red leather-bound book contains an arcane ritual to enter . . . the shining window on all time and space.
  • Claimed: July 19th, 2012


Beth Alpha Mosaic Floor


Beware the Age of Darkness.
Light shall become shadow.
Time shall become the enemy.
Life shall become pain . . .
- Excerpt from the Keeper Books of Prophecy

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