Who are the Delvers?

We are a family of four, playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Our ages are all over the place. When we started in December 2010, the troublemaker halfling thief was the youngest at 8 years of age, the bloodthirsty half-elf fighter was 11, the strategic bossy elf cleric was 43 and the practical Dungeon Master was 34.

For everyone, but the DM, this was their first role playing game.

Labyrinth Lord Orcus

In 2010 we were playing Advanced Heroquest, reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks together and even dungeon crawled over our LAN in Icewind Dale. Then, over their holiday break, I introduced the two girls to AD&D 2E. Their mom joined in on our second session and we’ve been playing ever since.

In 2012 we switched to Labyrinth Lord. In 2013 we released The Delvers’ Podcast.

We play City of Thieves and Mansions of Madness on Saturdays, but Sunday has been our “Dungeons & Dragons Day”.

More detail on each player is provided in Ladies of the Dinner Table.

The Delvers Podcast B-side